About Tesla Renter

Steve Sasman

I started out like millions of others.

Lusting over the thought of owning a Tesla.  Not only is it one of the sexiest & fastest cars, it’s built in the USA, uses zero gas, and is incredibly safe & practical.

The only problem is that the Tesla is, without a doubt, very expensive to purchase. There was NO WAY I could justify…wait…no way I could even afford, much less justify purchasing a Tesla.

However, where there is a will, there is a way!

I was soon putting pencil to paper running numbers. Could I take my knowledge as an expert in the “sharing economy” and translate that into renting a Tesla? I own & operate a successful vacation rental in Flagstaff AZ so I’m comfortable handing over my valuable possessions over to strangers. I also teach other vacation rental owners how to be successful on my blog VR Owner’s Guide, and was fortunate to speak at the 2014 Vacation Rental World Summit.

Now, I was considering this idea as a marketing challenge. Would I be able to successfully rent out a Tesla to be able to own one and pay it off quickly?

I’m now renting my Tesla out on Turo, and occasionally driving it on Uber Select.  This works quite well as I work specializing in marketing and managing vacation rental investment properties in Flagstaff and Scottsdale AZ.


Tesla Renter was started for 4 main reasons:

1) I want to share the most important car since the Ford Model T with as many people as possible.

2) I needed a way to pay for the Tesla Model S as it was well out of my price range. The original plan was to offer Daily Tesla Rentals in addition to Limo Service / UBER but commercial insurance won’t currently allow me to rent out the same vehicle that I use for Limo service.

3) I want to show the millions of people who thought owning a Tesla was out of reach, that with a little imagination and hustle, anyone can own a Tesla Model S or the Tesla Model X SUV. How bad do you want it?

4) and let’s be honest, I wanted to drive a Tesla All Day, Every Day!