Sleep In The First Tesla Hotel On AirBnB

What happens when you are someone who:

Already has 3 vacation rentals listed on AirBnB, are a blogger for the vacation rental industry,
and finally, on a road trip, you test out sleeping in the back of your Tesla Model S?

You immediately realize one thing – you MUST put the Tesla on Turo, and open the “World’s Fastest Hotel.”

So naturally, I went out and bought a perfectly sized airbed, a great air-pump (that plugs into the car of course) and the bedding. To top it off like any good interior designer, I just had to add two remote controlled candles to give the Tesla that extra touch.

But why a Tesla you ask? The Tesla is unlike any other car. Not only is it Ferrari fast, it’s completely practical. 4 doors, a trunk in the front – the “Frunk” and plenty of room for 5 passengers and luggage. Or, fold down those back seats and shizzam! Room for one or two to sleep. However, plenty of other cars & SUV’s have space to sleep. What really separates the Tesla is the fact you can have the A/C or Heat running all night long without burning through a whole tank of smelly, toxic gas. In fact, a full night’s sleep only used about 18 miles of the 250 mile range of the car in my tests.

While the notion of sleeping in a Tesla might be a bit off the wall, it truly is the single best car in the world catch up on your beauty sleep.