Why Every Tea Party Republican Should Drive a Tesla

Tea Party People:

If you really want to stick it to the terrorists, buy a Tesla. By continuing to drive a gas guzzler, you are basically mailing a check over to the middle east every time you visit the gas pump.  Is this really what you want?  Why not just send them money directly to help fund their next terrorist plot? That’s basically what we as a nation are doing.

You know those crazy climate change people? Forget them! Who cares about that fuzzy science, right?  Well, one thing IS certain:  Gas cars emit nasty, stinky toxic vapors into you and your family’s lungs. Try closing your garage door and see how long you last. So why not use a vehicle that has zero emissions? Who doesn’t like fresh clean air?

If you haven’t taken a test drive in a Tesla, I challenge you to do so with an open mind. You will be blown away at just how fast & fun these cars are to drive. Drive it because you will smoke all your friends off the line who still drive a gas powered “sports” cars.

Drive it because it’s the first electric car that is actually strong & sexy looking, not like some weird geeky looking econo-leftist-subsidy-mobile with a “Coexist” and Obama sticker on the bumper.

Drive it to support good old red blooded American ingenuity.  Are you with Tesla or are you with the Terrorists?

American Made Tesla